Specializing in Small & Medium Offices

Let’s get you up and running quickly

  • Emergency On-site Computer Repair
  • Immediate Remote Help Desk Support

Expert Computer Consultants since 2001

  • Expert Malware Removal
  • New Computer Installation
  • Security & Off-site Data Backup
  • Network, Internet & Email Support

Large Firm Services

  • We host the infrastructure so any size office can have the best tools
    • Zimbra server for Outlook
      • Ability to share calendars and contact lists among all office personnel
      • Complete mobility with Outlook info sync’d to your phone, tablet or other computers
    • Professional Off-site Backup Service
      • Extremely secure off-site data backups
        • VPN with pre-shared keys is far more secure than SSL
        • Data is stored in 256 bit encrypted containers at all times
    • Website Design & Hosting

All types of computing devices

  • Microsoft:
    • Windows computers, servers, phones & tablets
  • Apple:
    • Mac, iPhone & iPad
  • Linux:
    • Ubuntu computers and servers
    • Android smartphones & tablets